# Changelog

# 0.15.2

# Fixed

  • A regression in the Deployments page loading has been corrected.

# 0.15.1

# Fixed

  • Tracing settings now persist correctly.

# Updated

  • Support configuring multiple audiences for the console.
  • Improved configuration validation.
  • Various UI style improvements.

# 0.15.0

# New

  • Telemetry - View real time metrics and status from Pomerium components inside the Enterprise Console.
  • More expressive policy syntax: Pomerium's new extended policy language allows more complex policies to be configured, along with non-identity based conditions for access.
  • Support for Google Cloud Serverless configuration on routes.
  • Support for SPDY configuration on routes.
  • More consistent filtering and sorting across resource listing pages.

# Updated

  • Certificate Management - Certificates with overlapping SAN names are no longer permitted.
  • Policies - New editing screen supports Wizard based, Text based or Rego based policy.
  • Policies - Only global administrators may manage Rego based policies.
  • Policies - Support time based criteria.
  • Service Accounts - Simplified UI.
  • Service Accounts - Support token expiration time.
  • Service Accounts - Namespace support.
  • Impersonation - Impersonation is now done on an individual session basis.
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements.